ABC pulls the plug on two highly-touted freshman dramas

ABC pulls the plug on two highly-touted freshman dramas

The party is over for 'Last Resort' and '666 Park Avenue'

Well, it's November, and that usually means it's time to start mourning the loss of some new TV shows that, for whatever reason, didn't make the cut. Over the weekend, ABC nixed two major new series: Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. Unfortunately, I watched both, and I'm not surprised with the decision.

ABC isn't the only network that's dumping shows, but so far this season, these were the two biggest to get the ax. Anyone shocked by the news? Are you distraught?

I had really high hopes for Last Resort. I liked the pilot episode, and I loved the cast (especially Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman, aka Hot Ben From Felicity). The premise was interesting and the first few episodes definitely left me wanting more.

That being said, I started to feel like things were getting a bit dull over the past week or two. I also began to fear cancelation, so I pulled back. I've been burned by so many show cancelations in recent years, I try now not to get too attached. Farewell, Last Resort. It was fun while it lasted.

ABC also decided to cancel 666 Park Avenue, a creepy drama set in The Drake, a fictional apartment building on Manhattan's posh Upper East Side. I started watching this one mainly because it aired right after Revenge (a favorite show) and because I adore Terry O'Quinn from his work on Lost.

I feel like this show never really got rolling for me. Secrets began to be revealed only very recently, and I hope if nothing else, we'll find out who O'Quinn's Gavin really is and what's actually happening at The Drake before the show's swan song.

Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will continue to play out their 13 episodes in coming weeks. I get the feeling that both of these shows could have been great, but I thought that about Pan Am and Flash Forward too, and look where that got me. Fans, are you devastated that 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort are canceled? At least Nashville got picked up for another season.