Anne Hathaway did a great job on 'SNL'

Anne Hathaway did a great job on 'SNL'

Actress shined in several hilarious skits.

Over the years, I'll admit that I haven't watched Saturday Night Live as much as I used to. I almost always try to DVR the show, and I manage to get through the opening monologue and then all the way to Weekend Update before I give up. Sometimes it's hilarious and sometimes it's a mess.

This past Saturday, Anne Hathaway hosted SNL. I had high hopes, and I wasn't disappointed. One skit in particular is one of the funniest things I've seen in years on the show (aside from Bill Hader's Stefon, my personal favorite).

This was Anne Hathaway's third time hosting Saturday Night Live, and there is a good reason she's brought back so often: She's fantastic. For those of us eagerly awaiting the Christmas Day release of the Les Miserables movie, we were treated to a great "One Day More" featuring Anne and the rest of the SNL cast. Say what you want, but that woman can *really sing.*

If you haven't seen the clips from Anne Hathaway's appearance on Saturday Night Live, did a very nice wrap up of some of the best skits here. My favorite? Oh, no question: The Homeland skit! I can't emphasize this enough: If you watch Homeland, you have to see Anne Hathaway as CIA Agent Carrie Mathison.

I just watched it again for the umpteenth time and laughed my head off (again). Taran Killam doing Brody's small mouth killed, and props to Bill Hader for a really solid impression of Mandy Patinkin's Saul. Did you watch last weekend's SNL with Anne Hathaway? What did you think? Hit, or total miss?