'Boy Meets World' gets a spin-off

'Boy Meets World' gets a spin-off

Are we ready for 'Girl Meets World?' Yes, if Cory and Topanga are in it!

Are you a fan of 1990s TV shows? If so, there's a good chance you've already heard about the new Boy Meets World spin-off snow. No, you say? Well you'd better sit down, because Girl Meets World is actually a sequel. The girl in question will be the daughter of Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence.

All together now: Squeee! I used to love Boy Meets World, and I couldn't be happier that they're bringing it back this way, with stars Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, no less. At this point, there's no word on who will play their daughter, but I'm sure she'll be gorgeous (and hopefully she'll look more like mom).

Sadly, not everyone from the original Boy Meets World cast is on board for Girl Mets World. Among them: Rider Strong, who played the adorable Shawn Hunter. Strong tells EW.com that a guest spot on the new show is probably not out of the question, with maybe an update on what everyone's up to these days.

As for a full-on regular part, he says that's a no, adding that Girl Meets World "...should be its own show" and saying that the new series "...will be about Cory and Topanga, their daughter, and a new set of characters." Boo on that, I say. I get why he feels that way, but I do hope we at least get a few guest spots along the way.

I do have another snipped of seriously interesting news for my fellow '90s television show fanatics: The casts of several major shows from that era are gathering together for next year's Austin Television Festival. Actors from Friday Night Lights, My So-Called Life, Party of Five, Boy Meets World and American Dreams will all be on hand for the festival's second year.

I have to say, that's one heck of an impressive lineup! Where can I get tickets?