Does life imitate art? I hope not.

Does life imitate art? I hope not.

Don't be like Don Draper of "Mad Men"

Does life imitate art? I hope not because we are in the midst of times when there is very little “art” and a whole lot of TV shows. Even some of the supposed best TV shows might not give the best ideas to the American viewers. There are no “real people” depicted on TV.

Take, Dexter, for example. Should we really be admiring a vigilante serial killer just because he is cute? I don’t think so. 


Or what about Mad Men? I heard one individual claim with pride that he was known as the Don Draper of the office. Great, that’s exactly what the world needs: more philandering guys who don’t do much real work, drink on the job, and are sexist to their employees. I know women who LOVE this show and seem to believe that they need to pay for expensive parties just like Mad Men


Even the reality TV shows give hard examples of what life is like in certain niche audiences. Tots and Tiaras probably represents a very small part of the population, but all the young impressionable girls who watch the show are going to imitate the makeup-wearing, talent-having little girls who are taught to strut across the stage before some kids can even walk. 


And what about the Real Housewives shows? They’re great entertainment, but how many real housewives actually live that life? Not the ones I know. 


I just read an article which pinpointed the fact that most single women on TV are doctors or have doctorates. Again, this is probably not the largest segment of the single woman population. Imagine you as a single woman are having a bad day. Don’t you think you’ll feel bad if you decide to compare yourself to the single doctors on TV? 


And are crime labs run like CSI? I don’t know. It’s a great show, but do we really need one for every single city? I can’t wait for CSI: Des Moines to hit the market. 


Are “real people” that boring that the networks and cable shows can’t dedicate some TV time to the real people living their lives in an interesting way? Most of the shows that I’ve seen like this are on the ABC Family Channel. 


That’s just what I notice when I skim through the channels. I’m not the kind of person to watch TV constantly, but I might watch more if there were some shows that were as good as Mad Men or the Sopranos, but reflected more of what real American life was like. 


What do you think? What are your favorite TV shows?