Don't you hate breaks in a season?

Don't you hate breaks in a season?

The mid-season finale.

Many of us are rapt with out favorite shows, as things seem to be building to a natural crescendo. Many of the storylines of the season are coming to a head and you know that soon there is going to be an epic episode that will end with a either a major question or a major revelation...then you have to sit and wait for a few months.

In television circles, its called the mid-season finale and usually happens in December during a time called sweeps week. That's when networks bring out their big guns because they are going to use those rating to set the rates for advertisers. They want maximum viewership, but then everything screeches to a halt.

The viewers are left in limbo trying to figure our if their favorite character is actually evil, did she really sleep with him and yes, I am your father. It's hard enough when we get preempted because of a sports game on a holiday like Thanksgiving, but giving us months of reruns or second rate shoes that didn't make the main season cut is a nightmare.

If there is something we can take away from it, then it's that soon they will back on and we can once again get out weekly fix. At least until the season ends and we're back in the same boat again. I don't mind the end of a season because the storylines are wrapped up and there is some kind of conclusion, but often mid-season finales are cliffhangers that offer little in the way of resolution.