Haven: Both thrilling and funny

Haven: Both thrilling and funny

Haven is Syfy's safeplace for entertaining troubles.

The past few years I began watching the Syfy television show Haven and am now quite addicted to it. It's based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid and stars Emily Rose as Audrey Parker. An FBI agent with a unique past to say the least.

Several of the people of Haven are stricken with a supernatural or paranormal affliction called the troubles. It could be as simple as being able to be charismatic to the ability to bring back the dead. Audrey is the only person that is able to ease the troubled and help them maintain control.

Her past is inextricably linked to a woman named Lucy that was around during the kidnapping of the Colorado Kid. Lucy looked exactly like Parker and we find out actually is Parker. Every time the troubled come about Audrey comes to Haven with a different name and a different past and then leaves just as mysteriously as she arrived.

The Syfy Channel is in the middle of the third season and things seem to be coming to a head. There have been many revelations pertaining to Audrey, the Colorado Kid and Haven itself. According to the show, there are only a few weeks left before she leaves again and everyone is trying to figure out how to stop that.

Haven is one of Syfy's most popular shows and I can't see this story arc leaving after only three seasons. My guess is the end of this season will bring about just as many questions as answers. We may finally find out who Audrey Parker really is, but who knows where this will lead.