The most gut wrenching Walking Dead yet

The most gut wrenching Walking Dead yet

Beloved characters get killed

I've been watching The Walking Dead since the very beginning and you come to expect the occasional tear jerker or shock and awe moment, but the latest episode was enough to make the hardest make crumble into the fetal position.

The group has settled into the prison and there is a sense of safety and they have become to act almost complacent. They assume the place is impenetrable, but as everyone goes out into the yard including a one-legged Virgil and a very pregnant Lori. As Rick watches from between the fences, a group of walkers come up behind Lori and the group.

Lori, Carl and Maggie head back into the prison and Virgil makes it behind a fence. T-Dog doesn't quite make it and gets bitten, but makes it into the prison with Carol. As the walkers descend on them, T-Dog sacrifices himself so Carol can make it past.

Lori meanwhile goes into labor and it comes down to a choice to either let Lori die or the baby. Lori chooses herself and Maggie is forced to give her an impromptu C-section after a tearful goodbye to Carl. Carl flashbacks to the talk her had with his dad back at the farm about how everyone is going to die and he can't be a kid anymore.

The baby survives and Carl walks back to his mom and shoots her in the head to make sure she doesn't come back. Everyone who watched this part was balling their eyes out. Man, I can't wait until next week's show!