Review: Arrow ‘Unfinished Business’

Review: Arrow ‘Unfinished Business’

Season 1, Episode 19 - Drama, tension and bows & arrows

This week on Arrow, our titular hero gets to face off against an old enemy in the form of The Count.  Well, sort of anyways.  Basically, the drug vertigo rears its ugly head once more and ends up causing the death of one of Oliver and Tommy’s club patrons.  Naturally, Arrow heads out to find who could be the one behind the drug’s return.  He pays a visit to The Count, but that guy is so brain-fried that there’s no way he could be in charge of the operation.  So, Arrow heads out to bust up drug deals and deal with people strung out on vertigo in hopes of getting a proper lead.

After a few encounters, he discovers that this is a new incarnation of the drug and that there are certain added ingredients.  He makes the connection between the new version and the psychiatric hospital where The Count is being held and heads back.  The real villain is revealed, Arrow fights some baddies with the help of his trusty pal Diggle and things are put right with the world once more.

In the meanwhile, drama sprouts between Tommy and Oliver, between Tommy and Lance and between Diggle and Oliver.  The first two conflicts are due to some evidence that points a finger at Tommy as the new dealer of vertigo.  The last is because Diggle has taken up a side project of his own - finding and taking down Deadshot, the dude what killed his brother.  The episode ends with Tommy quitting the nightclub and going back to daddy Merlyn for a job and Arrow promising Diggle that Deadshot will be their next target.

Also, in the land of the past, Yao Fei’s daughter teaches Oliver how to beat the crap out of a bowl of water with one hand.  In reality, she’s beginning his training to become a true bad-ass.  She also relates a little bit of back-story about her father.  By show’s end, Oliver has picked up the bow that will become his legacy, ready to learn the finer points of shooting arrows into bad guys.

Though this week’s episode wasn’t incredibly action-packed, I have to say that it was, by far, one of the cleanest and best put-together episodes of the entire season.  There was a good balance of action, drama and character development and not so much miscellaneous stuff going that we lose track of the story being told.  The end result is a much better show and I’m hoping they get some feedback on this and try to improve the writing overall.  I’m also growing quite fond of Yao Fei’s daughter, who is a total and complete butt-kicker.

Next week, Ollie and Diggle go on the warpath against evil-nasty Deadshot, another old favorite bad guy.  As the season finale looms, the episodes seem to be improving in both writing and acting.  Let’s hope it ends well.