Review: Arrow ‘Vertigo’

Review: Arrow ‘Vertigo’

Season 1, Episode 12 - Less meandering, more Oliver being angry

This week’s episode of Arrow, ‘Vertigo,’ jumps right into the action with our titular hero chasing down a bad guy.  Rather than going for someone on his list this time around, he’s instead chosen to go after the dealer that’s putting the drug Vertigo on the street.  It’s the very same drug that his sister took when she ended up in her car accident last week and Oliver has made his hunt personal.

So Arrow’s first step is to find a name.  That comes pretty easy when the first guy he beats up tells him that the person he’s looking for is known as “The Count”.  So Oliver makes his attack on two fronts.  As Oliver he contacts some old friends and gathers information on The Count and as Arrow he gets ready to do battle with his newfound enemy.  Eventually he finds the bad guy and ends up getting a bad dose of the drug as The Count makes his escape.  But he returns, albeit in somewhat questionable shape, and finally confronts his enemy.

In the meanwhile, Oliver tries to use his influence to fix things for his sister Thea.  Some judge has decided that she’s to be made an example of so Oliver is forced to make some deals and call in some favors.  Eventually this too works out for the better, of course.

But the kicker is a small bit at the end, when Felicity (that’s the seemingly nameless glasses-clad girl that Oliver keeps asking to do favors for him) reveals the list that she acquired from Walter before his mysterious disappearance.  She tells Oliver about its connection to his mother, setting up what will no doubt be a thorough investigation by Oliver in the coming episodes.

And in the never-quite-resolved past of Oliver Queen, he has been captured by the very person he thought to be his ally.  He ends up stuck in a cage and then getting his ass beat by the so-called ally and dumped over a waterfall.  But all is not as it seems and Oliver is intentionally left alive and in possession of a map to a place unknown.

All-in-all, this episode was much better than the last.  The introduction of The Count and his questionable end sets up the potential for Arrow’s first sort-of super-powered recurring nemesis.  No longer will Arrow be butting heads with other martial arts wielding baddies, but he may have to pit himself against one who uses less straightforward tactics.  I’m hoping the writers take full advantage of this one, cause the kicking and punching is getting old within the context of what is supposed to be a comic book setting.

Hoping next week measures up to this one and we get to see something more than what’s already been presented to us.