Review: Dexter - “Argentina”

Review: Dexter - “Argentina”

Season 7, Episode 8 - The tension is building as everything goes completely to hell.

When last we left our beloved anti-hero, Dexter was shacking up with another serial killer and pretty much lying to everyone about everything in order to keep his bases covered.  His sister wants him to kill his new girlfriend, Isaak is fresh out of jail and looking to take Dexter down and, to make matters even more complicated, Dex’s son Harrison and his two step-kids are showing up in town for a bit.


To solve these problems, Dex first tries to tell Deborah that he’s not going to go around killing people for her.  He gives the excuse that it will compromise her and she won’t be able to live with it.  While this is true, Dex’s motives aren’t so pure, since he’s trying to cover up his own affair and keep the murdering Hannah alive.

But the façade only lasts for so long.  A few slips and Deb has figured out what Dex is up to, and she’s not happy about it.  She berates Dexter over his decision and, at long last, finally breaks down and confesses her love for him. Dex is, to say the least, a little bit stressed by all these new developments.

In the meanwhile, Isaak takes a shot at Dexter but fails to kill him.  This prompts our serial killer to go on the hunt, eventually tracking the Russian mobster to a bar.  They have a nice conversation and we finally find out exactly why Isaak is so intent on revenge.  Also, LaGuerta discovers more evidence linking Dexter to the Bay Harbor Butcher and Quinn gets in even deeper with the Russians.

This season is shaping up to have some of the most interesting characters the series has seen thus far.  Hannah is a likeable serial killer, even if she is evil at heart.  Isaak makes a great villain and I find myself regretting the final confrontation that will inevitably leave him on Dexter’s table.  Even Quinn and LaGuerta are proving more interesting than usual.

And more kudos to Jennifer Carpenter and her acting.  The break-down scene where she confesses to Dexter is some of the best work I’ve seen on television.  She seriously deserves at least an Emmy nomination, if not a win.  Everyone else in the series is doing equally well with what they have and it’s creating what has to be the best season of the show ever.

Only four more episodes to go, and someone is going to have to die soon.  We know it won’t be Dexter, but at this point pretty much anyone else is fair game.  As season 7 prepares to move onward to a long break and the eventual coming of the final season 8, Dexter is kicking butt and taking names.