Review: Dexter - “Chemistry”

Review: Dexter - “Chemistry”

Season 7, Episode 7 - Dexter once again makes plenty of bad decisions because of a girl.

Dexter, our beloved serial killer, seems to have a bad habit of making the worst decisions whenever he becomes involved with a girl.  The only exception to that rule (depending on your point of view) would be Luman from season 5.  At least with her he was doing what he does best - hunting down and killing the bad guys.  But given his growing relationship with Hannah, Dex may have bitten off more than he can chew.


This time around, Dexter brings us a series of complications revolving mostly around that growing relationship between Dex and Hannah.  Dex has taken to lying to sister, falsifying evidence to protect his new lady and even plotting against those who threaten her well-being.  All this is going on even as Deb lies to LaGuerta in order to protect her brother, compromising her own morals and ideals for family.

Hannah is, for her part, truly a killer of the sort that Dexter normally deals with in very “final” ways.  She poisons whoever gets in her way, including poor Sal Price, the writer who is looking into her connections to the various murders.  To give her credit, she does do it partially in order to protect Dexter, whose blood work fiddling was threatened to be revealed by Price.  Even as she kills off the offender, Dex sneaks into his apartment and removes all traces of his book, ensuring that the pair are protected.

In the meanwhile, Quinn gets himself in more hot water as the Russian mafia attempts to get even more out of him.  Isaak manages to get out of prison because of Quinn’s involvement and pays Dexter a little visit so they can have a chat.  And Deborah begins to fall for Price, a short-lived relationship destined to end in tragedy.  In the end, Deb gets to the breaking point and asks Dex to take care of a certain killer in “his” way, although it’s unlikely that he’ll be able to carry through on the request for personal reasons.

This episode, in conjunction with previous parts of the season, is beginning to show Dexter in a new light.  Instead of the usual story arcs where he tries to understand more about his killer nature and how to deal with it, he’s now transforming into something much darker.  Whether he will recover from this downward spiral or ride it to the bitter end remains to be seen, although I’m guessing that Hannah’s presence in his life isn’t likely to fade away by season’s end.

So far, still the best season of Dexter yet.  The coming week promises more Isaak and a growing schism between Dexter and his sister, especially once she’s found out exactly who he happens to be dating lately.  With more than half the season down, the rest promises to be tense and the endings are unlikely to be happy ones.