Review: Walking Dead - “Hounded”

Review: Walking Dead - “Hounded”

Season 3, Episode 6 - Rick keeps going crazy while Michonne has problems of her own.

At the end of the last episode of The Walking Dead, we are left with a scene where Rick hears a nearby phone ringing.  In this week’s episode, he picks it up and discovers a person on the other end.  The person talks to him, explaining that she is part of a group of survivors and that they have a safe place where the zombie outbreak is not a problem.  Rick tries to chat with this person and convince them that they should take in his group.


On the other end of the story, Michonne has left the town of Woodbury but finds herself hunted by Merle and a few of the Governor’s men.  But Michonne is, of course, a freakin’ bad-ass ninja and manages to take down half the group and make good her escape. 

Merle refuses to give chase after a certain point, but on his way home runs into an unsuspected Maggie and Glenn as they are out on a run to get some formula for the baby.  A brief conflict ensues and Merle takes them back to Woodbury, to interrogate them and find out where the rest of the group is.  Luckily, Michonne sees the whole thing and makes her way to the prison to inform Rick and his pals of what went down.

In the meanwhile, Andrea gets a little closer to the Governor, eventually shacking up with him.  Her place in Woodbury is pretty much a given now, though once she finds out about Glenn and Maggie being prisoners she might just have a change of heart.

As the story comes to a close, Rick finds out exactly who is on the other end of the phone and that they can offer him no help after all.  He pulls himself together and gets back to leading the group, finally not (as) crazy anymore.

This episode was pretty good, but it felt a bit like nothing happened, other than the reconnection of Merle with the original group.  Rick’s crazy-phase could be seen as vital to the character’s development, but it’s taken two episodes now and doesn’t have the same impact that it could have had it been cut down a bit.  With so many characters in The Walking Dead, and audiences having their own favorites, to dwell on one person’s battle with sanity for so long is a bit of a drag.

As for the rest of it, I’m glad they’re finally bringing Michonne into contact with Rick’s group.  The conflict between the prison folks and the Woodbury folks is inevitable and with only a few more episodes to go (two in fact), it will be nice to at least see something happen between them before we have to wait another 4-5 months for season 4.  While this episode was not as well-done as the last few, it’s still a good season and I look forward to what the finale has to offer.