Review: Walking Dead - “Say the Word”

Review: Walking Dead - “Say the Word”

Season 3, Episode 5 - Rick goes crazy and The Governor isn’t really a nice guy.

As the latest episode of The Walking Dead begins, poor Rick has gone a little bit mad from the death of his beloved wife, Lori.  While many who watch the show rejoiced when she finally bit the dust, apparently Rick had some sort of feelings for her and is having a few problems dealing with his grief.  So he goes on a zombie-killing rampage, marching his way through the prison and slaughtering all in his path.


While the leader is away being crazy, the rest of the gang is left to deal with his newborn baby.  Since there’s no longer a mother and formula isn’t something that prisons regularly stock up on, Daryl and Maggie must make a run into town to find something suitable for the baby to eat.  The rest of the crew hangs back, doing very little in the overall story.  The two prisoners at least have now been accepted into the group, so the party has made up for its two losses with (arguably) two much better replacements.

Meanwhile, in the other side of the story, Andrea and Michonne continue to debate the pros and cons of staying in Woodbury versus leaving safety behind and hitting the road.  Michonne pokes her nose around a bit more, finding out some things about The Governor that he’d no doubt like to keep as secrets.  For his part, he doesn’t just have her killed but instead tries to give her many chances to see his point of view and decide that being a part of the Woodbury community is in the best interests of all involved.

Eventually, however, Michonne chooses to take a walk, leaving Andrea behind to exist in whatever strange world The Governor has constructed.  After the aforementioned exit, Andrea finds her own reasons to have beef with Woodbury, particularly their chief form of recreational entertainment - zombie ring-fighting.

With Michonne running out on a person we already know to be dangerous and willing to kill innocents for his own reasons, we have to wonder at what her fate may become in the next episode.  Will she wander off to live a life on the road?  Unlikely.  It’s far more probable that The Governor will send someone to hunt her down or round her back up, depending on his whims.  Andrea will be forced to deal with the situation she’s gotten herself into without any back-up.  And the prison gang had best just hope for some peace and quiet after such an eventful few days.

Still running strong, the story of The Walking Dead is coming together nicely.  The balance of zombie action and character development is maintained well.  With only three more episodes to go, I have to wonder at where they will leave this one off.  Will the prison group end up in Woodbury, or will there be a confrontation first?  With a new baby, they’ve got to have better access to certain types of facilities and I’m guessing that’s what will be the catalyst to their moving.  Only two-and-a-half more weeks to go!