Review: Walking Dead - “When the Dead Come Knocking”/”Made to Suffer”

Review: Walking Dead - “When the Dead Come Knocking”/”Made to Suffer”

Season 3, Episode 7 & 8 - Winding up the season with plenty of conflict.

The last two episodes of this half-season of The Walking Dead begin with poor Glenn and Maggie as prisoners of Merle, the Governor and his crew.  They’re determined to figure out where Rick’s gang has made their home.  On the other side of the map, Michonne has just arrived at the prison and is looking to get inside.  She’s wounded and surrounded by walkers, but through random chance happened to get covered in their blood and is therefore sporting some anti-zombie camouflage.


After making her way in, the crew questions her and she lets them know about Glenn and Maggie’s predicament.  The group decides a rescue mission is in order.  So Michonne shows them to Woodbury and helps them sneak in to try to find their friends.

While they’re getting ready, Merle continues to torture Glenn, even going so far as to throw a walker in with him while he’s tied up to chair.  But Glenn is hardcore and manages to kill the zombie despite his confined condition.  When other tactics fail to work, the Governor goes after Maggie and, by using threats against Glenn, gets her to spill the beans on the prison hideaway.

So the Governor begins to organize a plan to go invade the prison at the same time that Rick and his raiding party show up in Woodbury.  A fire fight ensues and plenty of people get shot down.  Only one disposable member of Rick’s crew ends up dying and they grab up their captured pals and make a run for it.  As they’re performing the extraction, however, Michonne has her own plans. 

She sneaks into the Governor’s home and waits, ready to cut him down should he come home.  She finds the room with all the floating heads and discovers her enemy’s daughter, zombified and locked in a cage.  Lo and behold, the Governor returns at the most opportune time. They get into a scuffle, the zombie-daughter is killed and the Governor loses an eye.  Andrea walks in to break the whole thing up and Michonne takes off.

In the meanwhile, we’re introduced to yet another group of survivors.  They’re running through the woods and happen upon a broken-down back entrance to the prison.  Fleeing beyond its walls, they find themselves in trouble in the walker-infested cell blocks.  Lucky for them, Carl hears some screaming and rushes down to the rescue.  Plus four more survivors to Rick’s camp.  Considering the firepower the Governor can bring against him, he’s going to need them.

The episode ends with one of our favorite survivors being captured by the Governor and Merle being called out as a traitor due to his lie about Michonne’s demise.  We’ll have to wait until February to see what happens, but I imagine it’s not likely to be pretty. 

And so concludes this block of The Walking Dead reviews.  If I can find something else I want to watch, you’ll see some reviews here.  If not, check back in February for more.