The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

One Eyed Governor and The Brothers Meet

If you didn't see the mid-season finally of The Walking Dead stop reading now because there are some serious spoilers on the way. It's obvious that there is going to be a showdown between the Governor and the prison in the near future and it all came to ahead.


As you may remember, Glenn and Maggie were captured and Michonne found her way to the prison carrying a bunch of baby supplies. The group decides on a rescue mission and they invade the Happy Acres crazy farm. Michonne kills the Governor's undead daughter and stabs him in the eye. Yeah, he's not happy.


They rescue Glenn and Maggie, but in the process they lose one of the prisoners and Daryl gets captured. As the mid-season finale ends, a new group enters the prison. Gov decides it's time to invade and just before the credits close, Daryl is brought into the coliseum and the brothers finally meet. The Gov says that Merle was a traitor...the end.


We got a glimpse of next season and Daryl was in in it, so we got that going for us. They have no problem killing main characters, so I am relieved. We didn't see Merle, so I don't think their reunion ends well. Merle is a jerk, but he has always looked out for his little brother. Rick seems to be clear of his mental break, but hey, there's still half a season left. I can't wait to find out what happens next, but I bet an eye patch in involved.