The Walking Dead: Creep Factor To 10

The Walking Dead: Creep Factor To 10

Hello Guv'nor, You're a Psycho

As the mother of three boys, I can only imagine how I would feel if not only my boys died, but came back as flesh eating zombies. In the recent episode of The Walking Dead, we see the governor brushing the hair of his undead daughter and then part of her scalp rips off she kind of freaks.


The episode did a great job of letting us see exactly who the governor is behind that wide smile and pleasant demeanor. Michonne doesn't trust anyone, so she's been on to him since the beginning. So much that she breaks into his office and steals her sword back. While snooping around the back, she finds a pen filed with walkers and proceeds to ice them all.


Of course, she's captured and her and the governor have a nice little chat. In the end, she end up leaving without Andrea. Andrea finds out just how barbaric the town is when she see their favorite pastime Fight Club with zombies. The first rule of Zombie Fight Club: No One Bits In Fight Club.


Back at the prison, Rick goes batcrap crazy and goes on a one man zombie hunting mission. Apparently, Lori's entire body has been eaten and there's nothing left, but as she guts the zombie he thinks did it, the phone rings.


We can only guess who is on the other side. Ok, its probably Lori because he's frickin nuts and it goes along with the comic. Also, how many moms out there had a special feeling seeing Daryl with the baby?