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Bad girls of Mexico

The best line I heard all day was on TV.

Best line I have heard all day:

“Even though she is a bitch, she is a midget stripper and we need her for the pole dance.”


Unfortunately, I can’t claim that anyone I know personally said anything this cool today. I heard the line on “Bad Girls Club Mexico.” It was probably a line given by the producers on the show to lure in unsuspecting suburbanites like myself. 

The line worked to catch my attention. I don’t know if it was the shock value of a “midget stripper” or something different, but I tuned in to see the remainder of the show. “Bad Girls Club Mexico,” as you may know since it is in Season 9,  is a reality TV show about strippers. 


A quick glance to “Bad Girls Club Mexico’s” Oxygen website reveals that the girls on the show don’t have as many fans as you might think. The comments are directed at the women are absolutely horrific, with some fans calling for one woman’s rape. Even the real fans of the women refer to them as bitches and worse. 


On the episode of “Bad Girls Club Mexico” that I watched, nothing out of the ordinary happened except for when one woman hit on a woman who had a boyfriend. I don’t often hang out in strip clubs, but I guess this might be pretty common among the “dancers.” 


The other conversations on “Bad Girls of Mexico” were kind of dull--just ordinary conversations about women being there for each and conversations about women’s bodies. The attraction for the men to watch “Bad Girls of Mexico” would definitely be the scantily clad women as opposed to anything that they might say. 


The weirdest part about the show might just be the live Tweets of the show’s watchers commenting about the women. The word “bitches” is used often by the Tweeters to describe the women. I don’t like to use that word very often, but it might be applicable to a few of the women on “Bad Girls of Mexico.” 


The preview of the next episode looks a little better. Two of the girls get in a cat fight on the beach over a man. Although the beach cat fight scene sounds a little middle school-ish, it might be a little more exciting than the previous episode of “Bad Girls of Mexico.”