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ABC's got a hit with 'Nashville'

It's like a redneck 'Revenge'

Before anyone starts squawking at me for using the term 'redneck' in that subheading, I can, because I'm Southern y'all. And I meant it: ABC's new musical drama Nashville really is like a redneck/country version of Revenge, complete with all the back-biting nastiness, greed, lying and of course, sex. In other words, it's a hit!

I watched the Nashville season premiere tonight with very few expectations. I didn't read reviews ahead of time, because I think sometimes they influence my watching experience. So here's the deal: I loved it! If you want a brand new nighttime soap to fill your Wednesday nights, Nashville is it.One of the many reasons I loved tonight's season premiere of Nashville is Connie Britton. She plays country music superstar Rayna James, a woman who is starting to see her celebrity slip a bit. Her tours aren't selling out anymore and her records are stiffing. What can be done? Well, Rayna's record company decides she should pair up with up-and-coming singer Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) on a tour -- and open for her. That doesn't sit well with Rayna, so she walks.

It's a simple premise, really, but it's beautifully done in Nashville. The script is solid, the acting is great (especially Britton, who I simply adored in Friday Night Lights and American Horror Story) and there's enough cat fighting drama to keep us coming back for more each week. I'm talking the kind of nastiness that we see with Victoria Grayson on Revenge -- yeah, *that* kind of nasty. Rayna's dad, Lamar Wyatt (played by Powers Boothe) is the male, Nashville version of Victoria (for now).

I've watched many of the new shows this season and so far, Nashville is far and away my favorite. So yee haw, y'all! Did anyone else see the Nashville premiere this week? If so, what did you think? To me, it totally delivered on the promise of a soapy, drama with tons of great music!