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Television coverage of the 2012 election results gets creative

Painted ice skating rinks? Really?

Well, another election is in the books, along with live, never-ending televised election results coverage. I feel safe in projecting now that NBC News is the winner in the (also never-ending) Most Creative Election Results contest. Why? Well, anytime you take over one of the world's most famous ice skating rinks and paint it red/blue based on election returns, you win it all.

I must also give an honorable mention to CNN for the partnership with the Empire State Building. As results came in, the iconic New York City landmark lit up either red or blue. By night's end, it was entirely blue, indicating that Barack Obama was the projected winner. At least the coverage wasn't boring, right?The whole theater that is American politics nauseates me at times, and this year's election was no exception. Watching the live election coverage was, once again, excruciating. At least I didn't have to see that horrible, awful, too-bad-to-ever-mention-again hologram projection stuff that CNN tried in 2008.

CNN Hologram TV First

I needed a lot more than Tylenol to get through that night.

Do all of these silly "creative" tricks actually matter? Probably not, though it will be interesting to see who wins where election night ratings are concerned. I just can't imagine that NBC's decision to spray paint a United States map on the Rockefeller Center ice skating rink (as part of the network's "Democracy Plaza"), and then color it in based on returns, actually influenced viewers and kept them watching.

Between Jumbotrons, major landmarks and the like, I'm feeling a little bit crazy right now. Do these gimmicks matter to you? Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to the TV to see if the ice skating map is finally filled in. Only then will I know the official 2012 election results, you see.