March 2009

Heroes: Into Asylum

I guess we couldn't ask for two awesome episodes in a row. Despite being a show about people with super powers, I suppose there's only so much in the budget for the good stuff. Strange as it is to write it, Sylar's plot actually held the most of all the threads in this episode. As usual, every moment of screen time for Claire sucked pretty bad.

House: Locked In

In 2007, Julian Schnabel and Ronald Harwood adapted the autobiography of Jean-Dominique Bauby, the editor-in-chief of Elle magazine who suffered from a condition called "locked in syndrome" after having a sudden, massive stroke.

Kings: First Night

It's more than a little risky venturing a full-blown biblical adaptation via network TV. It takes a careful hand to pen a script that doesn't go too far in any one direction. If the spiritual tone is too overt in the wrong places it'll turn our generally secular TV-watching public away.

TtSCC: To The Lighthouse

And just like that, we have a new bad guy. What is it about science fiction shows and shaky second seasons? Aside from Farscape and the most recent version of Battlestar Galactica, it seems that the sophomore effort is where a speculative-style show goes off the rails. So, I'm pretty torn about "To The Lighthouse".

Dollhouse: Echoes

Since the beginning of Dollhouse, we’ve been on the outside looking in. We’ve been enjoying the relative ease of knowing everything that's going  on and all of the omniscience that goes along with it. Joss Whedon has spent most of his career exploring the strange and the secretive. All the same, he’s never put us viewers in the same dark as his characters.

The Office: Two Weeks

After tonight's episode of The Office, the 90's have never felt so far away. I say that because it seems that the writing staff of this show have decided to lift the plot from Jerry Maguire and apply it to Michael Scott, the polar opposite of Tom Cruise. Many viewers (this one included) worried that last week's bombshell was a cheap misdirect.

South Park: Margaritaville

Our sister site, South Park Talk, is undergoing some maintenance right now, so the recaps and reviews of new South Park episodes will be posted here on TV World until everything is up and running again. So, with that bit of house-cleaning out of the way, how about that headless chicken? I have to admit, this episode of South Park surprised me.

Heroes: Cold Snap

It's been a long time coming. Perhaps no show in recent memory has attracted more ire for its writing than Heroes. A lot of the blame got shouldered by Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander, probably rightly so. The show's decline in the second season resulted from Loeb and Alexander's insistence on comic book conventions instead of TV-ready pacing.

Kings: Prosperity

The most important episode of any TV show is its second. While the premiere is meant to wow the audience and establish the main themes, the real quality of the show begins to shine through after all the hubbub has settled down. Everything I doubted about Kings last week came into a clearer view this week.

FOTC: Evicted

Well, folks. That's it. Flight of the Conchords is over as a TV show. Bret MacKenzie and Jemaine Clement have made it pretty clear since the beginning of the second season that this would be the last of the show. This final episode actually went for some kind of closure, albeit in the unusual style we've come to expect. Maybe that's just it.

TtSCC: Today is the Day (part 2)

It didn't occur to me until this week, but The Sarah Connor Chronicles has transformed into an entirely different show. Maybe it's taking its cues from the newest trends in science fiction to embrace character-driven dramas and existential contemplation instead of relying on action sequences, canned plots and visual effects.

Battlestar Galactica

I have a lot of pet theories about pop culture and Battlestar Galactica is at the center of one of them. As a critic, Iâ've had to find some way to reconcile the sudden, persistent deluge of remakes, reboots, and reimaginings that has characterized film and television for the past several years. If they were all uniformly bad and bereft of imagination it would be easy to write off the entire idea, but thatâ's just not the case. While Iâ'm quick to scoff at dreck like the recent Transformers movie and the horrible Knight Rider remake, I know that thereâ's plenty to love about Christopher Nolanâ's take on Batman and other projects of similar depth.

Dollhouse: Man on the Street

Well, folks, it's finally here. The episode of Dollhouse penned by Joss Whedon himself. For a month and a half now we've been promised a significant jump in the show's quality. I can't say I'm surprised that this episode was easily the best of the season, with much of the accolades going to Whedon's script.

The Office: New Boss

Finally! That's the first word I said after tonight's episode of The Office. I can't tell you how long I've waited for this moment. Let's just hope the writers don't waste it. But first, let's see how we got the greatness before the big reveal. Tonight's opening bit involved the planning of Michael's 15th Anniversary at Dunder-Mifflin party.

Better Off Ted: Premiere

In all my years watching TV, I never really spent much time with ABC. I wasn't a TGIF kid and I've always reviled reality shows. I've generally found ABC's scripted programming to be a little weak, thanks in no small part to its ownership by Disney I'm sure. Last week I tried out Castle which was a huge disappointment despite the presence of Nathan Fillion.