November 2011

Arrested Development Will Return Exclusively on Netflix

Streaming site cuts deal with Fox


Every so often, a network cancels a show with enough of a rabid cult fan base so as to make the bump a small tragedy in the lives of millions. Arrested Development was one such show. Its dark, smart, and often absurd humor secured it a place in the favorites list of all sorts of watchers. Its sudden demise led to outcry and rage across the board. People were pissed for years after it went off the air. It remained culturally relevant for so long, became so finely knitted into the fabric of pop sensibilities that it stopped making sense to keep the franchise dead. Fox was losing money just by keeping the series in their show cemetery. And so they finally made the call to bring it back. 

Meredith Grey has a terrible life

So many random tragedies!

I take a lot of flack because of my love of Grey's Anatomy. I haven't lost any romantic partners because of this love, but it's definitely come close.

But throughout the eight season of my obsession, I have never really liked the title character of the show, Meredith Grey. She's whiny; she's self-absorbed and she handles her conversations like she just has to wait until the other person closes their lips so she can open hers. Ellen Pompeo cries really, really badly, and it's always super awkward to watch. Allegedly, she just got the part because of her resemblance to Renee Zellweger.

Super-villain Sue Sylvester and her lame sister affection

Sorry, Ryan Murphy, it doesn't make her multifaceted.

I’ve been getting back into watching Glee recently. I stopped watching the show after the first season when the kids were always going to one singing competition or another, or always breaking up and getting back together again, or always being beautiful "outcasts" with blonde hair.

But there’s something fascinating about watching cardboard cut-outs being moved around a screen.


Alas, it left too quickly.

Like all of Bryan Fuller’s wonderful and whimsical television shows, Wonderfalls was quickly canceled. After four episodes, to be exact. That means that it performed even more poorly than Fuller’s great, but also too-quickly-canceled shows, Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me.