February 2012

The Davy Jones-Marcia Brady Connection

RIP Davy Jones

There were quite a few news items waiting on my computer when I got home: a possible agreement with North Korea, a weird story about the strange link between yoga and sex scandals, and the news about the death of Davy Jones of The Monkees. While I’d like to say that I read the news about North Korea first, I was more shocked to learn about the death of Davy Jones.

My first introduction to Davy Jones and The Monkees was when Davy Jones made a special guest appearance on “The Brady Bunch.”

True Life: I'm Being Evicted by My Parents

One thing leads to another and I find myself watching an episode of MTV’s True Life. This episode focused on mid twenty something year olds who are getting evicted by their parents, perfect!  One of the show’s participants clearly had overstayed her welcome. She introduced herself stating something along the lines of “I graduated college 3 years ago and planned to move out once I found a job, but 3 years later I’m still here and don’t really plan on moving.” Understandably comfort is one of the best feelings in the world, but it also can be detrimental to any form of growth that you plan to achieve. Many people feel comfortable doing just the bare minimum, the problem with that is there is no form of growth whatsoever.

'Community' is Coming Back (Finally)

NBC brings hilarious sitcom back to Thursday nights

Fans of NBC's Community, rejoice! This week brought some of the best news we've heard in quite a while: The show is finally coming back. I don't know about you guys, but I was worried. Very worried.

Here's what I know right now: Community will be back on Thursday nights, in the 8 p.m. (EST) time slot. That's good news for those of us who are creatures of habit -- but it might be bad news for the show. Why?

Teen Mom 2 Finale

What You Expected or Not?

This past Tuesday was the Teen Mom 2 Finale.  I built it up so much in my head, and to be honest, I was kind of let down.  To start, I have been pretty proud of Chelsea this season.  She was finally starting to get over Adam and move forward with her life.  She began taking the GED (and passed), got a job and started hanging out more with friends.  This is a big deal for someone whose world revolved around their jerk of a baby's daddy.  At the end of the show, her and Adam were seen on a motorcycle ride.  I am assuming the season ends with them rekindling their dysfunctional relationship?  Oh well, so much for smart Chelsea.  I suppose the next season, or even the reunion special will have them broken up or trying to work on their issues, as per usual.  I wish she would find a nice, good man who WANTS to and CAN support her and her daughter.

Rumpelstiltskin Versus the Evil Queen

Two evil people are portrayed quite differently in Storybrooke.

I am absolutely in love with the television show Once Upon Upon a Time on ABC. It’s delightfully filled with characters we all know and love, but with new modern twists. It features a blend of old time, fairytale feel with, again, modernization. It’s got clever twists and turns every episode. And, perhaps my personal favorite, it features powerful women on both the sides of good and evil, as well as many other great women cast as characters.

But there’s one thing that the show has been falling short on lately, and for me that is the characterization of the evil queen, AKA Mayor Regina. I had to look up the mayor’s name. Isn’t that funny? She’s in every episode, but my husband simply refers to her as the mayor, while I call her the evil queen. She has no name that we know of in stories, and her name is forgettable on the show.

Where is Stephen Colbert?

His show takes a unexpected hiatus for the first time ever.

Where is Stephen Colbert? The interwebs have been aflutter since the funny-and-fake conservative didn't air new episodes of his show "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central for the past couple of days. Is he ill? Is the show coming to a standstill? Perhaps part of some strange publicity or fake-political stunt, Colbert and the show refuse to say why the show will run re-runs throughout this week.

'Alcatraz' is Entertaining Enough, But Something is Missing

Yes, it's J.J. Abrams, but No, It's Not 'Fringe' or 'Lost'

Anyone else watching Fox's new drama series Alcatraz? I started out with really high hopes for this midseason replacement show, thinking with J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot producing, and Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) involved, I'd automatically love it. Not so. At least, not yet.

With new shows, I really try to make an effort to see multiple episodes before I either get on board or pull the plug. I'm trying with Alcatraz, but I'm not sure I'll make it. It's decent, but not outstanding (like Fringe or Lost).

Talk Show Fail: Nobody wants to party with Rosie.

I watched an episode of "Rosie" on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) Tuesday. I'm guessing I was among....five, maybe 10 viewers. The ultra-boring show opened with Rosie lamenting that she was turned away from a Sean "Diddy" Combs party. (Insert laughter here). Of course, Diddy doesn't want to party with you, Rosie. And you know what? America doesn't either, which is why your show is failing miserably.

This week, Rosie O'Donnell had to lay off 30 staff people, according to the Perez Hilton, because the ratings are so disappointing.

As soon as Oprah announced Rosie as the host, I knew the nightly, live talk show was doomed. Rosie, back when she was nice Rosie, had incredible talk show magic that allowed her to put guests at ease, win hosting awards and dominate daytime. Now's she's a bitch, and well, you can't recreate the magic that once was.

Teen Television shows in the early '00s

Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

Back in junior high in the early ‘00s, we were wearing chokers, too much body glitter and curling our hair in ringlets when we should have been finishing our algebra homework. We were talking about dating and trading cards and evenings at the Cineplex without our parents when we should have been practicing our flutes. But most of all, we were watching dumb teen television shows with girls who wore too much body glitter and boys who wore tennis shoes that made their feet look three sizes too big. Let’s take a look at some of the I-can’t-really-say-best shows for teens in the early 2000’s:

Madonna's Super Bowl Performance

Love it or Hate it?

Madonna's Super Bowl performance was the most watched Super Bowl performance of all time.  People who did not even care to watch the game tuned in to watch Madonna do her thing at half time.  Her performance was one that was appreciated by fans old and new.  She did a medley mixing some of her greatest hits, such as Express Yourself, Open Your Heart and Like a Prayer, with her newer songs, such as Music and Give Me All Your Lovin'.  She mixed the old with the contemporary, having Cee Lo Green collaborate with her on Open Your Heart and Like a Prayer.

Will NBC's 'Smash' Be a Smash Hit?

Show's pilot episode holds great promise

As I do with nearly every over-hyped new TV series premiere, I watched NBC's new musical drama Smash predisposed to dislike it. Not because I don't like the actors IN Smash - but just because I got really, really sick of all the promotion for the show.

Perhaps it was this take it or leave it attitude that did it, but whatever the case, I really enjoyed the Smash premiere. Some bill this as Glee for adults, but I totally disagree: This show is certainly adult, but it has original music and an interesting take on what and how Broadway shows become hits (or misses).


The Battle of the Exes on MTV

DRAMA. A Step Up from Last Week.

The Battle of the Exes first aired last Wednesday on MTV.  It consists of several teams of past players who are paired with an ex, but an ex can be someone they had a serious relationship with or someone they simply kissed on a previous season.  The teams consist of Dunbar and Paula, Wes and Mandi, Jasmine and Tyrie, Sarah and Vinny, Nate and Priscilla, Robin and Mark, Leroy and Naomi, Camilla and Johnny, Heather and Dustin, Ty and Emily, Abram and Cara Maria, Diem and CT and Aneesa and Rachel. 

After a slow start last week, that unsurprisingly sent newbies Nate and Priscilla home, last night, drama finally erupted.  Jasmine and Tyrie got into a heated fight in which hurtful words were hurled.  Jasmine was running around telling everyone that Tyrie still wants her, but that she wants nothing to do with him.  Tyrie heard this and lost his cool.  This made them an early target, although, they made up hours later. 

The competition of the night consisted of the pairs making their way from beam to beam hovering over the ocean.  Most teams did poorly; however Johnny and Camilla did the best, with Vinny and Sarah coming in second.  The two teams then had to square off to determine who would be the power couple of the week.  Vinny and Sarah, who were the underdogs, beat Johnny and Camilla, earning the top spot of the week.  The team that did the poorest in the competition was Leroy and Naomi, which immediately placed them in "The Dome".

Sarah and Vinny discussed who to vote in to fight Leroy and Naomi. While Sarah wanted Jasmine and Tyrie, Vinny wanted to put in Wes and Mandi since he had personal issues against Wes.  Ultimately, they decided on Wes and Mandi, since that is what the rest of the house would have wanted.