March 2012

'Touch' Has Great Potential

FOX drama starring Kiefer Sutherland has a strong debut

I'm going to start out by making a confession: I am one of those TV watchers who is easily distracted by bright, shiny objects. This includes any new television show -- even one that normally wouldn't suit my fancy. I'll sample for a few weeks, decide if the show is a keeper, and then either get on board fully or drop the show like it's the worst thing ever.

So, here we go with another bright, shiny object: the new FOX drama Touch. The premise intrigues me and yes, it's Kiefer Sutherland -- how could I not give this one a shot?

I first saw the premiere preview for Touch last fall, and I actually really liked it. Yes, it's a bit confusing -- but that's the whole point, or at least one of them. Here's the gist of Touch: 11-year-old Jake finds number patterns that somehow link up people all over the world. This kid has a unique gift: He can see how each person's life is touched by another, and another, and so on. His father, Martin, is trying desperately to connect with Jake -- who doesn't talk. Eventually, Martin realizes that his son is on to something, though he's not sure how or why Jake is able to do what he's doing.

CBS Renews Shows

Did Your Favorites Make the Cut?

This week, CBS renewed several of its Primetime hits.  Monday and Thursday night comedies offer strong ratings for the TV channel.  Shows to be renewed are hits, "2 Broke Girls", which debuted strong this season; "Mike & Molly", "Person of Interest", "How I Met Your Mother", "The Big Bang Theory", "Hawaii Five-O" and "CSI", among several others.

As you may have noticed, "Two and Half Men" was not on the list.  However, creator, Laurie insists that they are in talks with Warner Brothers and CBS for more episodes.  Although this has yet to be seen or announced by CBS, we could probably count on it since the show has seen consistently strong viewership since Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen.  If the show is not renewed, I am sure Charlie Sheen will be letting everyone know what "winning" feels like.

Should TV exec Oprah still be defending the “Stop Kony” movement?

Oprah stands by the Invisible Children’s organization accused of not giving enough of its donations

Oprah is using her network OWN to air the “Stop Kony” video by the Invisible Children organization on March 18, according to her official Twitter.  However,  this organization, which has been collecting money to suppress Kony’s crimes  for years, sends less than 30 percent of its collections to Uganda, where the victims of Kony are based.

On Twitter, Oprah said the Invisible Children staffers are “heroes” to her because they have never given up on trying to help the children abducted by Kony, adding that she has given to the group twice before when her “Oprah Winfrey” talk show was on the air.

I admire Oprah for wanting to align with a sect that is trying to rescue and aid those who were tortured and abducted; however, I think the media maven owes it to her fans to do an investigative report on all the donations being given to Invisible Children.  Oprah’s endorsement will surely get the group millions of dollars, so she has a responsibility to probe how that money is being used and whether the group is being ethical.

Are you out of the loop but wonder why everyone is suddenly talking about an African tyrant named Kony? Here’s the 4-1-1 :

HBO's 'Game Change': Julianne Moore Gives Riveting Performance as Sarah Palin

Made-for-TV film is definitely worth watching

In a day and age when we're beseiged by sitcoms, crime shows, reality TV and, of course, soap opera-style dramas, HBO has (once again) come up with refreshing original programming. I'm talking about the new HBO TV movie Game Change. The film follows the 2008 presidential campaign, specifically, the GOP.

Julianne Moore gives a stunning performance as former Alaska governor and McCain running-mate Sarah Palin. No matter your political views, Game Change is a must-see for anyone interested in political theater.

One Life to Live Characters Arrive at General Hospital

Loving the "New" Characters

Within the last week Blair, Starr and Todd from One Life to Live began their stint in Port Charles.  I was not sure how this would work out since I was never big on One Life to Live.  I never really watched it and was not familiar with any of the characters.  However, I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying these characters. 

Starr came in a dramatic turn of events, which led her to Michael.  Her vehicle was ran off the road by Anthony Zacchara after his tires were shot out, and her daughter and boyfriend were trapped in the car when it plunged off of a cliff and exploded.  Before the car fell, Starr managed to escape and asked Michael to save her baby and boyfriend.  Although Michael did his best, he was unable. He has developed a bond to Starr and does not want to leave her side. I am hoping that Starr stays in the neighborhood because I am liking the energy between her and Michael.  I would love to see them as a couple. 

MTV Boldly Addresses Blackface in This Week's episode of "The Challenge."

Reality contestant uses racial prank to get back at ex-boyfriend and his new flame.

On the Wednesday night episode of MTV's "Challenge: Battle of the Exes," cast member Emily Schromm, smeared her face with chocolate to depict her ex-boyfriend, Ty, who is black. Cue the hysterics and the teachable moments.

Schromm, who admits she was raised in a restrictive religious atmosphere and had little experience with race and racism, was joined by another cast mate, who painted her face chalky white to depict Ty's current love interest, cast mate Paula.

Fox Pulls the Plug on 'Terra Nova'

One season is all fans got, show is now extinct

I've got some really bad news for fans of the Fox prehistoric drama Terra Nova. And some good news, potentially - but first, the bad: The network has canceled the show. Rumors were swirling for weeks that it would happen, and now, it has. In a nutshell, Terra Nova was simply too expensive and ratings just weren't high enough to justify another season.

But the news isn't all bad: Terra Nova could well time travel to another network. Maybe.

Can New ABC Drama 'GCB' Replace 'Desperate Housewives'?

Network sure hopes so

ABC's newest drama offering, GCB, makes it's debut on Sunday night. The network is apparently hoping that, ultimately, the soapy show can replace the outgoing Desperate Housewives. Think it can happen? Possibly.

GCB's already the subject of a lot of controversy and criticism, likely because of the show's title: GCB stands for Good Christian...well, not nice women. Or Good Christian Belles. Or something like that. But let's throw that out the window and take a closer look at this show and it's outstanding cast.

Teen Mom 3

New Girls Get the Green Light

It has been reported by MTV this week that the popular series, Teen Mom, will get a new spin-off with Teen Mom 3Teen Mom 3 will feature 4 all new girls and their stories.  There is no word yet on which girls will be on the show, but I am excited to find out. 

Many girls have gained popularity and notoriety on these shows.  For example, Maci Bookout and Leah Messer tend to be favorites among Teen Mom viewers, whereas, Amber Portwood and Janelle Evans are among those who are most hated due to their wild behavior and bad attitudes. 

Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant have long been the target of controversy, as some believe that these shows glamorize teen pregnancy.  There was a time when it was actually a a fad for girls to get pregnant because they all wanted to be on 16 and Pregnant.  However, Maci Bookout recently made it clear at a conference that none of the girls are getting rich from doing this series.  They all have to go to school and get real jobs because being on this show is short lived and will not support them and their children for the long haul.