April 2012

HBO's Veep is a classic satire comedy: Welcome back, Julia Louis-Dreyfus!

Series is fresh, biting and totally perfect for the times

After weeks of anticipation, I finally saw the new HBO comedy series Veep tonight, and it's great. My expectations were already so high, but this show exceeded them. I love finding new and fresh shows to add to my weekly viewing, and this one is a keeper.

If you like political satire, you'll like Veep. If you like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, you will love Veep. This show is jam-packed with witty dialogue and, as always with JLD shows, outstanding comedic timing. Yes, it's over the top at times, but that totally fits with politics, doesn't it?

Is '30 Rock' ending next year?

Alec Baldwin suggests the NBC comedy's seventh season will be the last

When it comes to rumors about great TV shows ending, I tend to air on the side of "hopefully not." That's the case with NBC's 30 Rock. I can't tell you how many times I've read that it's on the way out. The chatter about 30 Rock reached a fevered pitch among fans in recent days, after Alec Baldwin's comments last week that he would be "leaving" NBC. What?!

Now, today, Alec Baldwin is clarifying his statements. There's good news and bad news -- which do you want first? OK, good news: Alec Baldwin is probably NOT leaving 30 Rock. He's still under contract for another season, so everybody calm down. See? That was great news, right?

Veteran Journalist Mike Wallace has died

'60 Minutes' icon left an amazing legacy

Mike Wallace was one of the most feared and revered journalists in history. His ability to conduct a hard-hitting television interview was, to me, unparalleled by anyone else in the field. When Wallace semi-retired a few years ago, I wasn't surprised, but I was terribly sad. One by one, the greats were calling it quits. Would anyone ever be able to replace Mike Wallace?

Over the weekend, Mike Wallace passed away. His loss is impossible to really measure. Over six decades, Wallace was driven, brash, incredibly determined and absolutely fearless in his approach to investigative journalism. It's the kind of dedication that I feel is sorely lacking today.

Fox's 25th Anniversary Special shaping up to be big, with a 'That 70's Show' reunion

Cast members of 'In Living Color' will also appear

When I first heard that the Fox network was putting together a 25th anniversary special, my reaction was a bit less than enthusiastic. Perhaps I came down too hard on this, too fast, because this special is potentially going to be epic.

Why, you ask? Oh, how about a reunion of the That 70's Show cast, for starters? That's right, Ashton Kutcher, Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis and Wilmer Valderrama, all together again for the first time in ages. That's enough of a reason, in my opinion, to tune in.

Five Reasons We Love Dr. House

Seriously though, sometimes it IS Lupus.


"House, M.D.," the popular medical drama starring everyone's favorite jerk, is ending its eight-year run this spring. Why will we miss Dr. Gregory House? Let me count the ways!
1. He's Smart
It's refreshing to see a television show that celebrates intelligence. According to every message put out by our society, from all levels of media and public personality, being smart is a bad thing. Girls are encouraged to act dumb so people will like them. Politicians and public personalities sneer at "overeducated women" and "eggheads." There is a whole entire sitcom designed to reassure us that being super smart also means being a lonely failure at life. (See also: every other sitcom ever.)