May 2012

Huge score for the History Channel with 'Hatfields & McCoys'

Miniseries gets record ratings and a quick release on DVD

I like to think of myself as someone who's always on top of the latest and greatest where television is concerned. That being said, sometimes I miss the boat. And I sure missed it with Hatfields & McCoys!

The History Channel aired the Hatfields & McCoys miniseries this week and after I realized I missed the first installment, I decided not to DVR, hoping that it would re-run or get a DVD release quickly. Apparently, everyone else did see the show, and they loved it.

Supernatural, Grimm and Time renewed for next season

The real question is, how are we going to make it that long?

Damn you, cliffhangers! As much as I love Supernatural, I can guarantee you that the season will end with a cliffhanger—and yes, it certainly did last weekend. But so did Grimm and Once Upon a Time, which are both new shows; I suppose they, too, set their own cliffie precedents.

“As much as I miss Chris,” I told my husband—meaning Christopher Meloni, of course, since he and I are so close we use first names, don’t you know—“and as much as SVU hasn’t been so great this year, at least THEY don’t end on cliffhangers.” I felt so smug about my certainty regarding Law and Order: SVU that when that damn cliffhanger came, I couldn’t even muster real shock. What is with these cliffhangers?

ABC's 'Duets' premiere: Do we really need another singing show?

Contestants pair with famous singers and the result is pretty boring.

The question I asked in this headline is a valid one: Do we really need yet another singing show competition? My answer is "no," after seeing ABC's Duets. I was thinking that maybe it might be different enough to make for interesting viewing. I was wrong.

Maybe it's too soon after American Idol for me to be objective. I suffered through the entire AI season, not sure why I kept watching. To be fair, I did really like Phillip Phillips and I'm thrilled that he won. But Duets IS different -- contestants pair up with famous singers and compete against each other. Still, even with this, the show fell flat for me.

The 2012 Billboard Music Awards on ABC are history

Moving tribute to Whitney Houston a highlight

Anyone else out there think we have way too many televised awards shows? Even so, I tuned in for Sunday night's 2012 Billboard Music Awards show on ABC. I do this mainly to brush up on whatever pop culture phenomenon I've missed throughout the year. It helps keep me young (just let me have my little fantasy, please).

The show itself dragged on and on, as awards shows of any kind do these days, but there were a few highlights that made it work flipping on the TV. The biggest one (for me and I suspect, for most people) was the moving tribute to Whitney Houston, and the speech given by her daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Get ready for a 'Revolution' on NBC

J.J. Abrams drama set for fall debut

I'm going to pretend that one of my favorite shows didn't just get canceled (the CW's Ringer, and I'm so sad). Instead, I'm going to focus on the positives! I've been looking through NBC's lineup of new shows for 2012-2013 and there's one that's standing out: the J.J. Abrams'-created drama Revolution.

NBC dropped a new trailer for Revolution this week, and it offers a good bit of info about the show's plot. I realize the odds are slim to none that we'll all get another LOST in our lifetimes, but I'll be happy with just one really good, really interesting weekly that keeps my attention week after week. And at the moment, that drama seems like it might be Revolution.

Revolution - Trailer

Want a date with a celebrity? Get ready for Fox's 'The Choice'

Dating show pairs celebs with regular people

If you're single, and you fantasize about going on a date with a famous celebrity, here's your chance: Fox's new dating show, The Choice, pairs up singles who aren't famous (i.e. most of us) with celebrities. I'm sure your next question is obvious: Who are the celebs?

The new celebrity contestants for The Choice include well-known actors, models, NFL athletes and singers, among others. Now I'll be the first one to tell you that I just don't think we need any more reality TV (including celebrity dating shows) in prime time -- but this one looks like total guilty pleasure viewing. It's the kind of show you'll watch just to see what happens, and then swear to friends and/or co-workers the next day that you didn't see it.

Grimm: Just tell her already!

This obliviousness all around is getting really old.

Grimm is really growing on my husband and me. It went from one of our most anticipated shows to the one we disliked most to the one we now eagerly await the most—all in just a few months! I almost feel like the writers have been reading my blogs, taking my complaints into consideration and weeding out what doesn’t work as they move along through the series.

Hey, it could happen!

So just in case, here is my current biggest complaint: everyone on the show must be some varying degree of STUPID.

Castiel forbid they give a girl a starring role on Supernatural

Hey, at least she didn’t die!

Last week, we had one of the best Supernatural episodes of the season. A geeky but feisty computer hacker named Charlie was featured as an everyday heroine, helping the Winchesters get important intel on Dick Roman and injuring herself—indeed, almost being killed—in the process. But she was so brave and badass—a lesbian wisecracker who looked up to Hermione and Princess Lea, one who could rival Dean’s mouth and Sam’s intelligence with a huge dollop of wit and sheer brain power that neither possesses. I am telling you, this girl would make such an awesome hunter and such a fantastic character to follow; even Dean said she was like the little sister he never had (okay, and wished he never had).

But we’ll never see her again.

'Fringe' gets renewed for a fifth season (sort of)

Fox sci-fi drama gets a 13-episode swan song

I'm somehow really behind on my Fringe news (I blame a long weekend, no other excuses), because until today I hadn't heard that yes, a decision about the fate of the Fox drama was made. Fringe was renewed for a fifth (and final) season -- though it won't be a full season. Fox gave the green light late last week for 13 episodes to close out the series.

Why 13 episodes? There's a good reason, and it has nothing to do with 13 being an unlucky or a spooky or a Fringe-y kind of number.