June 2012

‘Game of Thrones’ Season Two

A few complaints

Considering the massive marketing and popularity of the series, everyone in the world must be aware by now that George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire novels have been turned into an HBO television series called Game of Thrones.  It just finished up its second season and is steadily moving towards the third.  Each year brings another book from Martin’s series to the television screen, though in a significantly altered form.  Being a fan of both the series and the books, I thought I might expound upon some of the things I thought seemed entirely off.

Aaron Sorkin returns to television with 'The Newsroom'

HBO drama premiered tonight

I just watched the pilot episode of the new HBO drama The Newsroom, and I've got mixed feelings. I really, really liked some parts, and really, really hated others. This Aaron Sorkin show is not going to be another Sports Night or even The West Wing, but in a summer that's left me very little to watch (aside from True Blood), The Newsroom is definitely a lifeline.

I actually do see the comparisons to 1976's Network: The Newsroom is intense, and it has a strong underlying message (in short, reality TV is junk, we no longer have true journalism, etc.). What it lacks is some sort of cohesion.

Marvel/Disney finally gets heads out of butts and make more cartoons!

It seems like every time a super-hero property hits the animated airwaves, it gets quickly canceled. The axe comes down like clockwork, just after season two and whether the show is praised by fans or not.  Each series began to feel like a chapter in a much greater project, albeit one of constant rebooting.  Personally, I began to search through the realm of motion comics to find some viewing pleasure.  But once again the tag team of Marvel and Disney will be taking a shot at bringing some (hopefully) decent renditions of comic book characters to the tube so that geeks like me can actually have something to watch.

Big changes coming for NBC's 'Today:' Is Ann Curry out?

Matt Lauer may be getting a new co-host

I've never been a huge fan of the Today show on NBC (I'm definitely more of a Good Morning America/ABC fan), and I definitely am not a huge Ann Curry fan. Alone, I think she's great. Together with Matt Lauer? Zero chemistry.

It's no surprise that Today is making some big changes. GMA is hammering Today in the morning show ratings race, so something had to give sooner or later at NBC. From what I'm reading, that "something" is going to be Ann Curry's job as Today co-host.

Gene Simmons' daughter tries out for 'The X Factor'

If she makes it through, it'll make for interesting TV

I'm not a huge fan of The X Factor or any other reality show talent competition, though I do tend to get sucked near the end. One of the more interesting moments in last season's American Idol, at least early-on, was when Jim Carrey's daughter, Jane, opted to try out for the show. And yes, she could actually sing. We all wondered how far she would go, given her famous father and all. She got cut after Hollywood week, so the judges were fair (her voice was nowhere near the caliber of others who did make it through).

Now, it's happening again, but this time, on The X Factor. It seems that KISS front man Gene Simmons' daughter, Sophie Simmons, can sing. And she decided on a lark to audition in San Francisco today for the upcoming season of X Factor.

HBO's 'True Blood' is back, and better than ever

But where's Chris Meloni?

OK True Blood fans: How excited are we that HBO's most awesome drama is back?! If it seems like we've waited forever to find out what happens to Tara (she got shot!) and whether Sookie will get back with Bill, Eric or get together with the ridiculously hot Alcide, we have. Nine months, to be exact. That's too long, and I could spend some time complaining about that -- or I could dive right in and discuss the season five True Blood premiere!

And, just in case you haven't seen the new True Blood, be warned: Spoilers are coming. Now go watch, and hurry!

2012 MTV Movie Awards show is a wrap

New 'Dark Knight Rises' footage shown and Christian Bale gets emotional

Given that we're now officially in the TV season's down time (see: reruns, filler shows, generally boring junk that we're suffering through until True Blood starts back), I decided to check out the MTV Movie Awards last night for fun. And when I say for fun, I mean because there was literally nothing else on television that even remotely interested me.

I really should've stuck with the History Channel, because this year's MTV Movie Awards show was (in my opinion) very dull, save for one big highlight. Here's a hint: In involves Christian Bale, a Batcave and Chris Nolan!