August 2012

'True Blood' season five finale features buckets of blood and Crazy Bill

Sets up a great season six.

I'll warn you now: If you haven't seen the True Blood season five finale yet, don't read this until after you do. This has a ton of spoilers. Let me repeat: spoiler alert!

That being said, I'll tell you that yes, while a lot happened in this season finale, it almost felt like a regular episode. This whole season of True Blood, for me, has been a bit of a disappointment. I'm not ready to say the show has jumped the shark -- yet. But I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about it as I once was.

'American Horror Story: Asylum' trailer debuts

Brief clip offers little information, but it's definitely super creepy.

If I had to name just one favorite new show, it might be American Horror Story. FX's creeptastical horror series had me jumping out of my seat, and season one lived up to the hype (and then some). I think the biggest question I had was: How will they do for season two? If you haven't finished season one yet, I won't spoil it -- but I suspect I'm not alone with my question.

Over the past several weeks, we've gotten a few hints. Most notably, the series has a new name: American Horror Story: Asylum. We also know that Jessica Lange will be back, playing an entirely different character. And now, we have an all-too-brief teaser trailer to tide us over for a little while longer.

American Horror Story: Asylum Season 2 "Dropping" Promo [HD]

Robert Pattinson's 'Daily Show' interview with Jon Stewart

His first post-Kristen Stewart scandal sit-down goes well

I've got to hand it to Robert Pattinson: He's a smooth guy. In his first interview since the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, Pattinson breezed through, cracking jokes with Jon Stewart and eating ice cream.

In case you haven't already heard, Robert Pattinson was on The Daily Show last night. In my opinion, he did great. Pattinson, who has no doubt been through some dark days in recent weeks, seemed amazingly relaxed and jovial during his sit-down with Jon Stewart.

‘Dallas’ ends season as the top #1 watched cable drama

Fans anxiously awaits for Season Two of 'Dallas'

Who says that old things must end? When it comes to good television, there never has to be an end to it. Good television shows can be renewed, revamped and aired again to the old and to new audiences. Case in point, the eighties soap drama "Dallas.” It returned this summer to high ratings. In fact, it ended the season with 4.3 million viewers. It became TNT’s most watched summer drama.

This new “Dallas” brought with it the returned of three beloved characters: JR Ewing, Bobby Ewing and Sue Ellen Ewing. It also introduced the new generation of the Ewings, which includes: John Ross (JR’s and Sue Ellen’s son), Christopher Ewing, (Bobby’s adopted son), Elena Ramas (the love interest of both JR and Christopher), and Rebecca Sutter (Christopher’s wife, who has many secrets). 

Who should be the next 'American Idol' judge?

Mariah Carey's on board, and now a Jonas brother might be too.

When Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler decided to quit their judging gigs on FOX's wildly popular reality singing competition American Idol, everyone wondered who could possibly replace them. Now, we know that songbird Mariah Carey has inked an $18 million deal to secure one of the vacant AI judging spots -- but who will fill the other one?

Enter 19-year-old Nick Jonas, singer-songwriter and member of the boy band The Jonas Brothers. Nick claims that yes, he might become the next American Idol judge. Is he a good choice?