October 2012

The show must go on: 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' airs during Sandy

See the hilariously awkward monologue.

Jimmy Fallon, thank you. Thank you for giving us a healthy dose of humor in the midst of Superstorm Sandy, when others headed for higher ground. Despite the looming and very real threat of a massive and dangerous storm, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon did tape on Monday.

In case you missed it, here's a video of Jimmy Fallon's cold opening of the show and the monologue that followed. And yes, he sent the audience home today, just to err on the safe side.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Hurricane Sandy Cold Open + Monologue

The Walking Dead: A harder Rick

Big, bad and willing to kill

Anyone that watched The Walking Dead last season may have been a little annoyed at Rick's lack of decision. Shane was the strong one and Rick was the levelheaded one. He always kept the group first, but also wanted to keep morality.

Shame was a kill or be killed kind of person. In a world gone to hell, he was the one that was willing to sacrifice and few innocents for the good of the group. While it showed he was still human in an inhuman world, it also made him look weak.

Casting news for ‘The Good Wife’

More stars will be guest starring on ‘The Good Wife’ this season.

Season Four is going to be a season filled with popular stars on “The Good Wife.” News has already been broken that many popular stars are going to be showing up on the canvas this year. First, Michael J. Fox is going to be playing his popular character, Louis Canning.

Louis is a rival of the firm, “Lockhart and Gardner.” The last time the viewers saw him, he was making a play for one of the firm’s biggest clients. He won that round. What will happen this time? Will the firm win back the client or will the storyline be a new one? His arrival is slated for January of 2013.

T.R. Knight is going to be a guest star on the show playing a political operative? Will he be working for or against Peter?

Review: Dexter - “Run”

Season 7, Episode 4 builds steam and twists some characters in dramatic ways

The latest episode of Dexter, “Run” picks up with Speltzer (the crazy, maze-running minotaur wanna-be) on the loose and Deb more than a little pissed about it.  After some clever detective-work, they do manage to find, arrest and get a confession from the guy, but the courts prove to be broken and he ends up getting the charges dismissed on a technicality.  Deborah is, quite naturally, upset about this and Dexter, without intention, has proven once again that his method does have a place in the system, even if it is outside the law.

Review: Walking Dead - “Sick”

Season 3, Episode 2 - Rick and crew are complete bad-asses, but at what cost?

When we left off last week on The Walking Dead, Rick and the gang had a few problems to deal with.  While clearing out a cell block of the prison they’d taken, the group ended up being chased into a corner by a horde of walkers.  Hershel was bitten and, as a result, Rick had solved that dilemma by hacking half his leg off and praying that the infection wouldn’t take.  In addition, five new potential members of the group showed up in the form of some prisoners that had been trapped in the prison cafeteria during the early stages of the zombie uprising.

'The Vampire Diaries' is changing in major ways

Elena is a vampire?

Okay by now, if you're a die-hard fan of The Vampire Diaries, you've seen the season premiere, right? If not, stop reading. You've been warned. Because there are a few things I like about this new season, and a few things I find disappointing -- and I'm going to lay them out right here, right now.

First, I'm not sure I'm down with having Elena become a vampire. In the books, this doesn't happen, so now they're way off track. I liked the human element of Elena and the need to protect her (courtesy of the two most dashing vamps on TV, Stefan and Damon Salvatore).

Review: Dexter - “Buck the System”

Season 7, Episode 3 returns to the crime-drama format while still keeping the story going

The newest episode of Dexter, “Buck the System” continues with Deborah trying to rehabilitate poor Dexter and cure him of his killing habit.  Unfortunately for Dexter, he reacts much the way any addict would, getting nervous and twitchy.  He also starts having fantasies about killing and loses his temper a bit.  But all-in-all, he’s holding up pretty well.

Despite the withdrawals, Dexter manages to tie up some loose ends with Louis and pick out a target for his next hunt.  He doesn’t just go and do the typical hunt-and-kill thing that he usually does, however. 

Instead, he chooses to let Deb in on what’s going on, trying to show her how he could get rid of the bad guy before anyone else gets hurt.  Deb resists (naturally) and Dexter ends up supporting her decision to watch the guy and have him arrested if he tries anything.

Review: Walking Dead - “Seed”

Season 3 starts out with a bang and a load of blood

For several months I have, like many people, been eagerly awaiting the premiere of The Walking Dead season 3.  After a second season that kind of dragged (despite some great developments), I was hopeful that the show would get back to form and the zombie-bashing action that makes it so fun. 

Now that some of the more annoying characters have been killed off and the group brought under the iron fist of Rick, the chaos of an outside enemy should resume, right?  For the most part, yes.  A lot of zombies get killed in this premiere and I am happy.

'The Walking Dead' premieres to record numbers

Show picks up in a very interesting place.

If you've already seen season three's premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead, then you're totally fine reading what follows. If not? Spoiler alert. I understand many of us DVR stuff during the week and then catch up on weekends, so just don't read any more and you're good. Come back later though to comment, OK?

Kudos to the writers of The Walking Dead for finding a perfect way to move the story forward and give it an entirely new dynamic. And we were watching, in record numbers: An estimated 10.9 million of us tuned in, a basic-cable drama ratings record.

Review: Comic Book Men - season 1

An ‘bargain-hunter’ show for geeks that’s fun for its novelty but still drags

While strolling around my Netflix, I came across a show that I had missed during its run on television.  It’s a geek-centric show called Comic Book Men, put together by Kevin Smith and featuring him and his friends as the “stars”.  I put stars in quotes because the whole series is basically a bargain-hunter program but instead of the antiques and crap in the attic that they try to sell on other shows, this one revolves around nerd-items such as comic books, toys, artwork and the like.  It all takes place at Smith’s shop in New Jersey, though he is present only for the round-table sit-downs they shoot to act as buffers between the show’s various sales.

Review: Dexter - “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl”

Episode 2 of Season 7 keeps the ball rolling and the tension building

The second episode of the new season of Dexter picks up with Dexter trying to explain to Deb about his strange habit of being a serial killer.  She’s put the pieces together (and found all his gear) and knows that he’s the Bay Harbor Butcher.  After experiencing a fair degree of shock, Deb decides that the best way to deal with Dexter’s “problem” is to treat it like an addiction.  She becomes his recovery buddy and moves him into her place so she can keep an eye on him.

ABC's got a hit with 'Nashville'

It's like a redneck 'Revenge'

Before anyone starts squawking at me for using the term 'redneck' in that subheading, I can, because I'm Southern y'all. And I meant it: ABC's new musical drama Nashville really is like a redneck/country version of Revenge, complete with all the back-biting nastiness, greed, lying and of course, sex. In other words, it's a hit!

I watched the Nashville season premiere tonight with very few expectations. I didn't read reviews ahead of time, because I think sometimes they influence my watching experience. So here's the deal: I loved it! If you want a brand new nighttime soap to fill your Wednesday nights, Nashville is it.

Once Upon a Time: Meh

Season opener leaves us wanting.

Last year’s big hit TV show Once Upon a Time aired its season two premiere over the weekend, and I can’t help but be disappointed. Other than Roseanne, this is the first show that I’ve ever really identified with on both a conscious and subconscious level—an actual depiction of female characters who interact with one another, who have friendships, and who aren’t romantically driven by male leads. Yay!

 So I was really looking forward to it. But instead of getting that big buildup for a new season that we were gifted with in the first, we were provided with this weird, disjointed episode that plunged the serious into a whole new direction right away—not even giving the reunited royal family of three generations time to be together. Instead, the prince and Henry are now trapped in Storybook while Emma and Snow were sent back to their fairytale world, which only now partially exists in a dark, scary place.

That itself is interesting; I do look forward to the two of them bonding as family as they make their way through to battle monsters and figure out this whole dilemma. But couldn’t it have waited until the second episode—as could have the new storyline about Sleeping Beauty? I hate when new characters are introduced right away—especially when we already have so many rich, wide character arcs to explore now that the curse has been broken.

Review: Doctor Who - The Angels Take Manhattan

Episode 5 of Season 7 - A mediocre good-bye to the Ponds


I went into season 7 of Doctor Who with high hopes.  It is the 50th anniversary of The Doctor and Moffat has promised us some great things to celebrate.  The first few episodes of the season were spectacular.  The next few episodes, not quite as good, but still entertaining.  But this last episode before the break just felt flat to me.  Episode 5 - ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ - was the planned departure point for the long-time companion team of Amy and Rory and Moffat said on many-an-occasion that it would be “heartbreaking”.  And while sad though it was, the story that the departure was placed within was not much to look at.