March 2013

Review: Arrow ‘Salvation’

Season 1, Episode 18 - Not big on villain, but keeping character development going.

The first thing I noticed on this week’s Arrow, “Salvation,” was that the writers appear to be reaching out for a more complex storyline.  They’re doing more dodging between the multiple characters and using smaller scenes to tell a bigger story.  They’ve been setting up for it all season now, so I guess it only makes sense that they’d use what they presented.  Still, the vill

Review: Arrow ‘The Huntress Returns’

Season 1, Episode 17 - A nice Arrow vs. bad guy scenario without the dragged-out set-up


Finally, after three weeks of waiting, Arrow has returned from its brief departure - and the return was worth the wait.  This time around, we get the return of one character that is quickly becoming my favorite vigilante villain, The Huntress.  She’s come back to town after discovering that her father has managed to dodge his just punishment by making a deal with the police to roll over on some other criminals.  Obviously, she’s less than pleased with these developments and so decides that she’s going to finish the revenge that she started.

Review: Arrow ‘Dead to Rights’

Season 1, Episode 16 - Best episode of the season so far.

The end of last week’s episode saw Moira Queen trying to get away from her involvement in the “Undertaking” and turning to China White and the Chinese mafia for some help in the matter.  Her plan - to knock off Malcolm Merlyn and cut the head off the organization.  This week’s episode of Arrow, ‘Dead to Rights’ deals with the conseque